“I have been working with Jesse Haskins in regards to a defamation case. He has been super knowledgable and has been amazing at communicating with me every step of the way”.

– Anna R.

“Jesse provides great industry incite, and prompt follow through. Pleasure working with him.”

– Ari K.

“J Haskins offered exceptional professional legal guidance on a matter of importance to the development of community gardens in our community. His particular excellence in the area of the intersection of community gardens and agritourism in the state of Florida was invaluable to our community. He is a gifted attorney.”

-Dell D.

“I just finished a court matter that has been going on from 2012 until now. I hired J Haskins after years of being jerked around. It took only a short time for J Haskins to resolve the case. I highly recommend J.Haskins Law firm.”

– Tom G.

“Jesse has been a huge supporter of Sweetwater Organic Community farm and has helped us update our by-laws, review contracts we have for use of additional land, contracts with contractors and so much more. It’s a great feeling knowing we have someone like Jesse to support us on the farm, so we can continue growing for the community. Thank you for all of your support and assistance.”

Chris K.

“As the owner of a small farm and mobile restaurant business, I would suggest J Haskins Law to anyone needing help in the agricultural or foodservice industry and beyond. They provide great services and answer my questions quickly and in great detail! Thank you J Haskins Law!”

Erica W.

“Worth the money, very efficient. Works hard for you. The excellent attorney did a lot for my family.”

– David M.

“Have you ever met someone who surpassed your expectations? I will put it like this, if Perry Mason and Matlock had a child it would be Mr. Haskins. He is not only professional, he takes your case seriously and has a no-lose attitude, which is what you want. He has done for me what no one else could. If you want a jam-up lawyer, this is him. I truly can not say enough good about him.”

– Deborah H.

“I recently retained Jesse as I own multiple businesses and am a new yorker at heart who didn’t understand the full dynamic of how everything is regulated in the state of Florida. Jesse has taught me so much in the very short span of us working together that I couldn’t be happier. Jesse deals with me as my personality is a bit of a headache and as a business owner have so much going on it’s nearly impossible to get everything done daily. It is without a doubt that however much Jesse has on his plate as a very inquisitive lawyer that he will help you and at a very accelerated pace. If you have ANY questions at all when it comes to business THIS IS YOUR GUY!

– Diondria C.

“Mr.Haskins was the ONLY one of ten area attornies I called last, that bothered to actually call back, listen, and offer sound practical advice. I was treated with dignity and respect. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you seek him out when you need representation.”

– Cathy D.