Register for a Free Two Day Training on the Business of Farming

This past February and March, I had the pleasure of speaking at symposiums organized by the Florida Farmers Market Association on Community Supported Agriculture. At that time, we did not realize the full potential of Zoom. Only people who could show up in Tampa and Fort Pierce could see me.

But now everything is entirely virtual. On August 17 and August 18, the same organization will offer the same opportunity at the same price-FREE–but online. On August 18, I will talk about community education, the role of agreements, and the impact of business entity selection on community. The entire schedule appears below. Here is the link to register for Day One (focus on food safety best practices) and for Day Two (focus on diversifying and strengthening farmers market & direct-to-consumer business practices). Please feel free to share with other folks who you think might be interested!

Building partnerships between farmers & the communities that depend on them.