J. Haskins Law’s Three Step Process

Jesse will work with you to build a world of more sustainable food systems.

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Step 1: Peruse

Learn about Jesse and his love for food. Discover his practice areas. Read his blog for ideas on how to make your business thrive.

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Step 2: Kick off call

Your first call to Jesse is free. You will discuss the legal and business issues that you are encountering, and brainstorm potential solutions. Jesse may offer the following services depending on your individual situation:

  • DIY. Not every problem requires the help of a lawyer. If this is an issue you can handle on your own, Jesse will let you know.
  • Coaching. Jesse offers coaching to address legal and business obstacles. You may, for example, have the time and the confidence to handle everything by yourself, but may still be in need of legal guidance. Whether you are preparing a document or rearing up for court, Jesse will make sure that you avoid rookie mistakes.
  • Full Service. If you want to focus on the farm, you can leave your legal problems to Jesse. He will prepare agreements, and when necessary, represent you in judicial proceedings.
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Step 3. Follow Through

Jesse will work with you through the resolution of your matter, and beyond. If your situation changes, and you require a different level of service, Jesse will work with you. After your issue is resolved, Jesse will examine your operations to ensure smooth sailing ahead. For ongoing care, Jesse offers monthly subscription options.