Happy Pi Day! (3.14159…)

apple pie

In honor of Pi day, for the first 3 people who contact me, I will offer unlimited legal advice for $95 a month. This offer is good for 14 days only — that’s until March 28.

Under this plan, you can get legal advice on anything ranging from business formation issues, risk management, and contracts. Every month, you can give me up to twenty pages of documents to review. This plan is limited to advice, not representation if you sue, or get sued. Under the subscription plan, I will provide you with some basic coaching and advice in response to lawsuits, but I will not write court submissions. And I would not appear on your behalf in court. I am willing to represent clients in litigation, but not under the $95 a month special.

One more caveat: If you sign up for this plan, we will reevaluate after three months. Depending on the level of services rendered, it may be necessary to adjust pricing on an individual basis after the three month period. If this is a deal that interests you, please give me a call to further discuss.

Pi Day Special Offer valid 3/14/2020-3/28/2020.

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