A Defamation Lawyer to Protect Your Reputation

Attorney Jesse Haskins helps people in Florida fight against lies and false claims that hurt their standing and business. We investigate false statements and explain your right to set the record straight with a defamation lawsuit.

“I have been working with Jesse Haskins in regards to a defamation case. He has been super knowledgable and has been amazing at communicating with me every step of the way.”

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Do You Have a Defamation Case?

If someone communicated a false statement or implication about you to a third party, and the falsehood hurt your personal or professional reputation or finances, you may have a defamation case. In Florida, defamation gives you the right to file a civil claim.

The Benefits of Hiring a Defamation Lawyer

Before pursuing legal action, it’s important to get a thorough review of your situation. You don’t want to get too invested when you have little chance of establishing the necessary elements of defamation in court.

Jesse Haskins investigates and gathers evidence regarding the possible libel or slander. He’ll review what was specifically said or written, interview witnesses and as an experienced defamation attorney, he knows what makes for a compelling defamation suit. If you have a case, he’ll guide you through filing a lawsuit and demanding fair compensation for the harm to your reputation .

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Are You a Public Figure?

The standard for defamation differs depending on whether you’re a private person—or a public figure.

  • Private figures only have to prove the other person was negligent (knew or should have known) the information wasn’t true but passed it on carelessly.
  • Public figures must prove the other person told the lie maliciously.

The bar for defamation is higher for public figures and applies to politicians, local leaders and others.

If you’re unsure of whether you might be a public figure because of your position in the community, consult J Haskins Law right away.

Types of Defamation

Libel and slander are two forms of defamation. Libel is a written statement, while slander is spoken. For example, lies published against you in a newspaper would be libel. But one person telling others a rumor about you during a business meeting is slander.

Florida recognizes different types of defamation, which is why it’s helpful to work with an experienced attorney. If you believe you have a claim, Jesse can review your circumstances and explain your options under state law.

Defamation Per Se

In Florida, some statements are considered so damaging that they are considered defamation per se. For example, you establish slander per se if you can show someone falsely and malicious insinuated or said you:

  • • Have certain types of diseases;
  • • Engaged in a criminal activity; or
  • • Acted in a way unbecoming to your profession.
  • • Socially frowned upon inappropriate sexual conduct.

If your claim falls into one of these categories in a slander claim, damages are presumed.

Compensation for Defamation

If you can show someone’s lies harmed your reputation and financial well-being, you can demand compensation. This can include compensatory and punitive damages to reimburse you for your expenses, losses, and harm, like lost business opportunities, as well as to punish the wrongdoer in some circumstances.

Do I Need a Defamation Attorney?

When you believe you’ve been the victim of libel or slander, it’s essential to get professional legal advice.

You have to establish there was a false statement against you. People are allowed to have opinions, which is why you must show it was untrue and either negligently or intentionally made to hurt you. Third, and most importantly, you have to show you suffered damages because of the lie.

You also have a limited amount of time to file a defamation lawsuit. The Florida statute of limitations for civil defamation claims is two years.