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J. Haskins Law Practices Business Law in Florida

“Limits give form to the limitless.”

– Pythagoras, Ancient Greek Mathematician

Business law means setting limits– with customers, vendors, insurers, and government entities. Attorney Jesse Haskins advises businesses in setting boundaries with contracts, and defends them in court when necessary. Jesse takes a holistic approach to the myriad issues that businesses face. Taxes, legal liability, and corporate governance can be impacted in a single business decision. Jesse helps businesses reduce legal liabilities, navigate regulation, and resolve legal disputes. Jesse meets businesses where they are, and offers the following services:

Business Structure

How a business chooses to incorporate impacts tax liability, legal liability, and relations among the principals of the business. Whether a business chooses to call itself a corporation or a limited liability company has consequences. Jesse will advise you on business formation, draft your articles of incorporation, and file everything you need to start your business.

Business Plans

A business plan establishes goals, reveals weaknesses, and promotes strategic growth. A business plan requires an honest assessment of risks, and a realistic look at growth opportunities. If you need assistance developing a business plan, please contact Jesse.

Compliance and Regulation

Federal and state regulations can be burdensome, confusing, and unclear. Jesse will advise you of what regulations apply to you, help you obtain permits, assist you in the event of an investigation, and defend you in government actions against you.

Contract Drafting and Disputes

Well drafted contracts are the foundation of solid customer relations, vendor relations, and risk management. Jesse advises businesses on transactional issues like distribution agreements, franchise agreements, indemnity agreements. Jesse also represents companies in litigation when necessary.

Risk Management

Risk management encompasses a range of operational areas, including implementing operational safeguards, procuring sufficient insurance coverage, transferring risks by agreement, and continually monitoring the risk of lawsuits. Jesse knows risk management. He represented the State of Florida in workers’ compensation enforcement, and also represented insurance companies. Contact Jesse to ensure you have the tools you need to minimize risk.

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