About Attorney Jesse Haskins

Integrity and reputation mean a lot to Jesse Haskins. So much so, he dedicates his legal practice to preserving them – and seeking the truth.

Ecology Florida has elected me to serve as vice president. The mission of this organization is to advance “the harmonious integration of healthy natural, cultural, and economic ecologies to reestablish a sustainable world.” Ecology Florida pursues its mission through local food system activities–community gardens, seed banks, and farm to table dinners (at least when there is no pandemic).

I started my own law practice for similar reasons: to strengthen our local food systems. Local food systems are vital to our environmental health. Food is at the foundation of so many of our cultural memories. And as coronavirus has made painfully clear, local sustainable food systems provide us with economic security. As I continue to offer legal services to small scale agricultural enterprises, I am excited about the opportunity to serve as vice president for Ecology Florida.