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Integrity and reputation mean a lot to Jesse Haskins. So much so, he dedicates his legal practice to preserving them – and seeking the truth.

We Know the Issues Facing Farms & the Agriculture Industry

The laws that regulate the agriculture industry are ever changing with a lot of moving parts.

Farmers and those who make a living in the agriculture industry need someone to protect their business, their land, and ensure their families are secure. This means understanding various areas of law and how they apply to their unique issue, from tax liability, regulatory compliance, contract negotiation, and business formation.

The harvest won’t wait. So whether you’re a family farm looking to pass a legacy to your children, a seed distributor with plans on expanding, a food co-op facing regulatory limitations, or an agricultural equipment company dealing with contracts, environmental impact, and possible litigation, J Haskins Law has the experience and insight you need to flourish.

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Community Partnership

Food communities may consist of farms, ranches, farmers’ markets, composting services, consumers, and landlords. Attorney Jesse Haskins prepares and reviews written agreements to ensure healthy relationships among food community stakeholders. Examples include leases, farm purchases and sales, conservation easements, and community supported agriculture agreements, solar leases, and cell tower leases.


Every level of government saddles food communities with several different types of regulations: workers’ compensation, safety, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), land use, employment, and security regulations. The consequences for noncompliance with hemp regulations can be devastating. The volume of these regulations can be overwhelming, and the legalese can be dizzying. Attorney Jesse Haskins provides clarity to food communities burdened by myriad regulatory regimens.

Tax Classification

Agricultural land is eligible for lower tax rates, but your local property appraiser may not see your land that way. Attorney Jesse Haskins will help.


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Not only was my issue resolved, Mr. Haskins provided me with excellent advice to use going forward.”

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Challenges to Denials of Loans and Grants

If you believe that the United States Department of Agriculture or other government entity wrongfully denied benefits to you, you may be able to challenge the USDA’s decision. Contact Attorney Jesse Haskins for more information.

Business Law

Your business deserves a lawyer that understands what you do. Attorney Haskins believes in serving farms and the diverse industries that support our communities. Let us help with any contract issues, business formation, liability, tax, or compliance matters that may arise.


Whether through a Chapter 12 filing or another debt management plan, Jesse is here in the lean times too. He’ll discuss your situation, find an option that works, and fight to keep your farm.